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14 February 2011

Try me.

We fear failure.
We need support to face it. 
We need to be brave and courages.

KL is a dream pool where most of the people wish to make dreams come true. And I am one of them, a dream chaser in KL. Just like the others, I fell down many times while chasing my dreams. I locked myself alone in my room, tried to be OK, tried to be really OK. But I couldn't. In the end, I cried.

The reason I cried is not totally because of failure. To be honest, I have failed more than 10 times. 4 out of 10 were almost reaching my goal. But in the end, I failed. The feeling was very complicated. I was sad, because I could not make it. At the same time, I feel happy for my friend, because they made it. But what kind of feeling should I express to face them (winner) when the result is announced.

This time, I failed again for being a host on TV2 talk show. Again, I'm so sorry to my friends, especially those who are very supportive. But hor... Every time while waiting for the result, I felt I am getting it. Who knows in the end, I have to put a smile on my face, acting like "I DON'T CARE", then back to the origin, waiting for another chance again. Am I being over-confident? I don't know. I am lost.

Thank you so much to all my friends & family, for being so supportive. 

We fear failure.
We need support to face it. 
We need to be brave and courages.
BUT we also need POSITIVE ENERGY to keep our dreams young & alive.

Like Richard de Vos said: If you have a dream, make it happen.

One day, I will. Try me. :)


matt said...

Failure can lead us to succeed , jia you~

jfook said...

Bro, from what I've observed, (at The Curve and also during Magnum event), you're a good speaker. Perhaps it's not the time yet, don't give up trying, you're still young! Keep trying to make your dream comes true! Hope to see you when I randomly switch on my TV one day (even I seldom watch local TV shows but will definitely support you if you're on air)

P/S: From my experience, always think about the worst condition before the result is out. Sometimes it will turn out positive. This is what I always do. =P


Kendrick Kang said...

To Matt: You are right. You will never failed if you never tried.

To jfook, thanks for the support and the compliment. someone also said that actually i did not back to the origin, i'd moved forward as i learnt something during the competition. :)